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Referral from family physician or specialist with pertinent information.


IVF Canada is pleased to be able to support our community by offering its services to diagnosed cancer patients seeking to preserve their fertility. Before beginning cancer treatment, you will be given priority to meet with one of our fertility specialists and discuss fertility preservation options. Our clinic utilizes oncofertility technology to assist women and men with fertility and cancer-related challenges.

We provide several options for cancer patients to preserve their fertility including egg and sperm freezing, embryo freezing and transfer. Egg and sperm freezing is a common option to prepare for chemotherapy, pelvic radiotherapy, and other therapies. A more widely used treatment option is called embryo freezing which involves using mature eggs during IVF or ICSI treatment, combining these eggs with a partner or donor sperm, freezing, and then storing them for future use.

Our fertility specialists and compassionate team are here to support you throughout every step of the fertility preservation process, from diagnostic testing to treatment. IVF Canada specializes in fertility and cancer issues.

Let us help build the family you have always dreamed of.

To schedule a priority appointment, contact or call 905-597-7661. Please indicate if you are a patient undergoing cancer treatment and we will be happy to expedite your booking.


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